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Whirlpool 60LT M/F DOUBLE OVEN - STAINLESS STEEL Samsung 63" (160cm) Series 7 Full HD 3D Plasma TV - PS63C7000 - 2010 Model Whirlpool 6KG Wall Mounted Dryer
RRP: $1,699.00
Our Price $1,459.00
You Save $240.00
RRP: $4,499.00
Our Price $3,525.00
You Save $974.00
RRP: $599.00
Our Price $329.00
You Save $270.00
Whirlpool AKZ177IX Samsung PS63C7000 Whirlpool AWD60A
AKZ177IX -- Double oven -- Accurate temperature control -- Electronic Display -- Triple glazed door -- Push Push Controls -- Stainless Steel Full HD 1080p -- 3D Enabled -- 600Hz Motion Plus -- Internet@TV -- 4 x HDMI AWD60A -- Extra Large 6kg Capacity -- Drying Rack
Beyonwiz DP-P2 500GB Twin HD Tuner PVR - SUPER SAVER SPECIAL Whirlpool ADP6000IX Dishwasher - Stainless Steel Archos 5i Android Internet Media Tablet 32GB
RRP: $999.00
Our Price $695.00
You Save $304.00
RRP: $649.00
Our Price $545.00
You Save $104.00
RRP: $559.00
Our Price $539.00
You Save $20.00
Beyonwiz DP-P2 High Definition PVR Whirlpool ADP6000IX Archos 5 Android 32GB
The most highly regarded PVR in the industry.
ADP6000IX -- Height Adjustable Upper Basket -- Aquasafe Flood Protection -- A range of different washing programs to suit your needs -- LCD screen with electronic controls -- Large 12 place setting capacity The brand new Archos 5 32GB Model With ANDROID Tecnology
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At ELJO, we are your one stop shop for all Home Entertainment and Whitegoods needs. We stock the widest range of LCD, LED, PLASMA and 3D TV�s anywhere in the online marketplace. In 2010 we successfully negotiated deals with some of the world�s largest Whitegoods companies and are now offering you the best value and highest quality, Fridges, Washing Machines and Dryers.
At ELJO we understand that consumers are not only after good value, but also good service, which is why we have a team of specialists from within the industry on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout your purchasing process.
ELJO is an authorised reseller for some of the worlds largest brands, including: Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Miele, Sharp, TCL, Western Digital and Many More.
At ELJO, we feel that quality is important. As such we only offer brands that we know and trust. Our range of Televisions, Home Theatre Systems, Fridges, Washing Machines and other Whitegoods are sourced from Australia�s biggest and most trusted suppliers so that you can feel safe when shopping with us.

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Where to buy the best teeth whitening kits online in australia

A beautiful smile perfected by a set of pearly white set of teeth is absolutely everyone’s dream. There maybe a few factors that have made your teeth not give you this beautiful smile but gone
are the days when it was a hassle to get your teeth whitened at the comfort of your home. Here are best Australian online stores where you can find the best teeth whitening kits at the comfort of your home.



Gogosmile’s products have hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. Their whitening gel is quite simple to use as you just need to apply the gel on a set of tray, place it on your teeth and wait for the final result. They offer free shipping and also 100 per cent money back guarantee. Good ratings from happy clients say it all.

They have a popular kit known as the starter kit which has desensitizing gel, whitening gel, moldable gel trays and powerful 5 light led. They also have more wider range of teeth whitening kits. This include the Gogo Smile charcoal and coconut whitening strips. They are specially tailored for people with sensitive teeth. The whitening strips are infused with whitening power of charcoal together with the antibacterial properties of coconut oil. This provide a gentle, easy and natural way to whiten your teeth. There also the express pen, no mess and to give that hollywood smile.



Their main ingredient in their gels is carbamide peroxide. They provide the ultimate luxury pack at a very good price. They have the perfect all in one teeth whitening kit. It includes dental strength hybrid 2in1 whitening gel, 4X thermoforming mouth trays with a whitening pen. The kit is authentic and very safe. The materials used are also non-toxic.


Those are top best online store for the best and most trusted teeth whitening kits in Australia. Get that perfect hollywood smile at the comfort of your home.


Facebook Marketing For eCommerce Businesses

Many online businesses are utilizing the social media features like Facebook Ads to get more customer traffic on their sites. Let us discuss some of the roles and steps to utilize Facebook marketing as a means of social media marketing for influencing your eCommerce sales.

1.Use your Facebook Ad targeting for a smaller segment of audience. For driving maximum conversions through your Facebook ads, you need to have an appropriate group of audience that can be made aware about your promoted product. Analyze your ad campaigns from time to time for diagnosing the possible loop holes in your online marketing strategies that is not providing you desired results. Moreover, you need to ask for feedback from your targeted customers about your Facebook Ad campaigns for getting a clear idea regarding the success or failure of your promotional strategies.

2. Improve your CTR by utilizing buyer personas.
Most of the Facebook ads created by numerous online businesses are too generic in nature and fail to grab the instant attention of your targeted customers. This problem can be effectively resolved by making a detailed market research and analysis of your customer’s purchasing behavior to design ads that can immediately resonate with your targeted audience. Know the taste, preference and buyer persona of your customers for creating Facebook Ads that can entice their mindset for improving the click-through rates (CTR) of your ad campaigns. If you are fully aware about the needs and requirements of your customers, you can effortlessly make your sales pitch more stronger through a customer-focused Facebook Ad.

3. Give a personal touch to your ads.
Your targeted customers will be more willing and eager to engage with your Facebook ads if they are specifically designed for them. Collect customer-centric data like the demography, ethnicity, interest, age group and other such metrics for understanding your targeted customers. Based on this information, you can create a personalized ad that can cater to a particular group of customers for getting more customer attention and product sales. Make people realize that your Facebook ads are particularly targeted for them only for getting their immediate attention and interest towards your promoted product.

4. Include impressive detailed images.
“A picture is more effective than a thousand words” and is perfectly apt when it comes to using images on your Facebook Ads. You can easily grab people’s attention through an engaging and appealing image about your advertised product which can play a decisive role in boosting your conversion rates, CTR and product sales. However, don’t settle down for any images that is not detailed and sharp in contrast and colors for improving your brand image and customer engagement. Try to project an emotional connect, customer story or an inspiring product journey through your images for influencing customer’s purchasing behavior.

5. State your product pricing and other related parameters discreetly in your ads.
There are numerous people in the online traffic that are clicking on your Facebook Ads more out of curiosity rather than with the intent of purchase. This may at first instance increase your CTR but can ultimately affect your conversion rates and brand value. To avoid such a scenario, specify clearly about the price, targeted customers, conditions for availing the particular offer and other such information in your ads for getting the right amount of customer attention. This will further make your social media ads more customer oriented and will increase your level of customer engagement for better conversions.

What Is A Wheel & Tyre Package

There is no other better way one can make his or her car pleasing apart from buying it a pair of tyres and wheel package. This makes the car attractive. There are already made tyres and wheel packages which are available at cheaper prices but of high quality. Some even have a fixed rim that makes them more preferable to the prospective buyers. Actually, they are made to suit the customer’s needs.

The customers’ tyre choice depends on the way he or she understands his or her car. Therefore, it’s not wise for a seller to promise a customer beyond the limits of what the tyres and the wheels can offer. There should not be a 100% guarantee. One should give a customer some guidelines when it comes to purchasing of tyres and the wheels.This can be done successfully by providing customers with the manual guide on the usage of the pair of the tyres and the wheel, and also analyzing the procedures on how to fix the wheel and the tyres.

What are wheel and tyre packages
A wheel is an object that is in a circular form and is fixed on vehicles and other locomotives to enhance movement. A tyre is a rubber or else a strong strengthening band which is always fitted around the rim in a wheel.

A wheel has some accessories which help in fixing it well for good movement of customers and assures them of the safety of their cars while on the way. Some of these accessories are; wheel nuts and the bolts, the centre cap removal tool or key, tuner wheel nut and the bolt key, the spigot rings and clips and the stickers. A Good tyre should have the following qualities for it to last long; it should have tread pattern this helps the car come into play when the road is wet or ice-filled by cutting through water hence allowing it to come into contact with the road, the internal structure should be good structured to maintain contact, and finally the rubber compound should be containing all the mixtures.

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