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Access your multimedia on TVs anywhere in your home.
You know that collection of videos/photos/music stored on your computer? Well with these players you can view them easily straight through your TV or home entertainment system. A step up from stand-alone media players, the products on this page allow you to access media that is stored anywhere on your home (or other) network. As is the case with most technology products, the available features in Network Media Players vary. But don't worry - if it's all too much for you, we're here to help
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eGreat M31B HD Network Media Player
eGreat M31B HD Network Media Player
RRP: $349.00
Our Price $239.00
You Save $110.00

The eGreat M31B is one of the most popular NMT's on the market.
Full HD 1080p, Stream, Playback and Internet Services.