Best places to eat in Melbourne

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Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia with its lovely weather and delicious cuisine. It’s also famous for its fresh produces and varieties of ingredients. It’s also the filming place of MasterChef Australia, a famous TV reality program focusing on amateur cooks fighting for their places to become the master chef. Because of this, there are numerous kinds of international cuisines to choose from in Melbourne, and a best accommodation in Melbourne with the best cuisines.

Scopri at Nicholson St in Carlton is one of the best places to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant name “Scopri” means to discover, or to find out, in Italian. It comes from the experience obtained in Italy by restaurant owners, who travel to Italy on a regular basis. During their time there, they discover the authenticity of Italian food and wine and inspire them to curate the most authentic but utmost traditional format of Italian cuisine, like pasta, antipasto, desserts, and so forth, using only local produce. Scopri provides excellent Italian food and atmosphere without over-charging too much, and it’s restaurant owner’s goal to provide diners the genuine experience of enjoying Italian cuisine here in Melbourne.

Geppetto Trattoria at Wellington Pde is another great option for Italian cuisine. The owner opened the restaurant with the vision to curate an unpretentious dining place which focuses on specifically Italian home-style cooking. The idea was inspired by those eateries found in the owners’ hometown region in Italy. The motto for the restaurant is to build up a very reliable restaurant with great service and quality food in Melbourne. They particularly famous for its pasta, seafood-related cuisine, and slow-cooked meals.

There are still hundreds of dining options available in Melbourne, ranging from local eatery to international cuisines, please be sure to try these for yourself and indulge yourself in this great dining city of Australia.