Dogging and Rigging Courses Australia

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The crane operator performs a very delicate and precise job, and it is, therefore, necessary to learn and adopt the basics in the field of occupational safety and proper use of the equipment within this course. A trainee wishing to attend our training must have a B category driver’s license and be familiar with the components of the crane, as well as the elimination of any defects therein.


Dogging and rigging courses Australia lasts from six days to six months and consists of theoretical and practical instruction.


Dogging and rigging courses Australia is organized as a special form of education for all trainees who are already working or want to qualify for this profession of the construction profession.


A crane operator also needs a special medical certificate for working at heights. The job of these masters is in an enclosed crane booth, but the work of the machines is performed outdoors and is exposed to all weather conditions. The crane operator overcomes the obstacles and difficulties that may arise in the jobs he performs and prepares him for independent control of these machines.


The course is taught by a qualified, experienced lecturer, a longtime professor of mechanical engineering. Practical work is in real working conditions and requires respect for the employer and business conduct. The people acquire the conditions to enter a new world of occupation that you will pursue, acquire contacts, and the opportunity to prove, learn, and recommend himself for employment. Many of them get jobs in companies where they do hands-on training.


After passing the riggers course in Melbourne, people get a high-risk work permit for dogging and rigging in cranes. Your dogging license should be renewed as your driver’s license – for at least five years. You must pay the prescribed fee to WorkSafe Australia. Education is professionally tailored and provided through practice to each individual, and therefore the acquisition of knowledge and skills is safe. Keep improving because knowledge is not outdated.