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Forme Medical Australia specializes in the design and manufacture of furniture for medical practices across the country and has been working in the industry for over 35 years. It uses its innovative capacity and full potential, based on the needs and advice of medical professionals, to achieve professional, ergonomic and efficient furniture in every medical specialty that needs it.



Forme Medical Australia has five product ranges for use in doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and even for home care.

1.- Medical examination couches. With an extensive catalog focused on each medical specialty, the variety of models adapts to any need.

2.- Articulated beds. Designed for an ergonomic function, from beds on the floor of a hospital, beds used for cardiological treatments, or the care of the elderly, either in specialized residences or in the home itself.

3.- Clinical and surgical chairs Seeking the greatest comfort, both for the doctor and the patient, during their stay in the clinic or hospital, the range of chairs adapted to any type of examination, designed for the large number of hours that a doctor spends at his workplace.

4.- Operating theatres. From operating tables to lighting for the operating theatre, Forme Medical has developed the essential elements of an operating theatre, providing innovation, safety, professionalism and resistance to the workload, making the company a leader in the sector.

5.- Medical accessories. Forme Medical Australia not only designs and manufactures furniture, but it also has a place in the manufacture of top-quality accessories. This division of the company allows that any acquired furniture, either in private medical practice, hospital or for the needs of assistance at home, has quickly spare, as well as the necessary accessory complement to make a complete work.


All the products designed and manufactured by Forme Medical Australia are made in Australia, which guarantees a perfect manufacturing process for each of its models, which are tested according to the current Australian regulations for the manufacture of medical furniture and accessories.