Zipmex review Australia

Having successfully worked the Southeast Asian market, Zipmex is bringing its low fee cryptocurrency platform to the shores of Australia. Here’s Zipmex review Australia, with everything you need to know about its state of the art platform.




Originally founded by Australia’s Marcus Lim of OneFlare, Zipmex is backed by some industry heavyweights including AEC securities, a current serving Thai Minister and a previous Thai Stock Exchange chair. It’s also registered with AUSTRAC and follows all AML/KYC requirements. In terms of credibility, it really doesn’t get better.


Security and Verification Process


Till date, Zipmex has had no known cases of hacking. It takes extra precautionary measures, by using a two factor authentication process before access is granted to your Zipmex account. It’s overlapping security feature includes an email confirmation process. Once your email’s confirmed, you can begin operating crypto to crypto transactions without requiring an additional verification. It’s only when you need to trade with fiat currency that you’ll need to upload a valid ID. Verification of uploaded documents is done within the hour of submission.


Again, despite never been hacked, Zipmex has taken the extra precautionary measure of insuring for $100 million dollars against theft and hacking. This makes it one of the safest platforms in Australia today.


Currencies Allowed


Despite the fact that Zipmex Australia is based in Australia, you can trade in other fiat currencies. Your trading options include AUD, SGD, IDR and USD. For cryptocurrencies, only 4 types are allowed to trade on Zipmex, they are BTC, EOS, LTC, XRP and ETH.


Zipmex Fees


The core goal of Zipmex is to offer one of the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange australia and trading platforms in the industry. So you can expect as little as 0.2% charges on trades, free withdrawal for AUD and SGD, and the minimum charges on other currencies. You can compare their prices with the industry average, and see for yourself.

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How to pick a good diesel fuel trailer- Important considerations.

Fuel is the most important component that you need for the operations of a large numbers of commercial equipments and vehicles that are used for undertaking different tasks. But for getting the required amount of fuels, you will need to make use of the diesel fuel trailer that will offer you with constant supply of diesel. Hence you will need to know how to pick a good diesel fuel trailer that will meet your requirements in the most cost effective manner. This will help you to get diesel fuel even during power outage so that you will get the required fuel source even you face power outage next so that there will not be any kind of interruptions.


When picking a good diesel fuel trailers for sale at Fuelfix & TanksGo, the most important consideration that you will need to keep in mind is the fuel storage capacity as it should have adequate storage that will help in meeting your everyday requirements. You will also need to select high quality trailer that will work efficiently for transporting the fuel conveniently without causing any kind of issues. Moreover when the trailer is manufactured according to the industry standards, it will mean that the diesel will remain stable all through the transport so that it will not get loss during transit. It is also important to consider the tank style while you pick a good diesel fuel trailer so that you will enjoy the required quality of service with the use of the trailer.


The cost of hiring or buying the trailer should also be considered so that it will be cost effective and will help you get the desired kind of results for transporting the diesel from one place to another. Whether you are looking for onsite refueling or mobile refueling, you will need to select the trailer carefully so that you will enjoy getting the best results from your selection.


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Best Large Event Venues in Melbourne

Different events call for different venues. Sometimes its a fancy bar or a close-knit restaurant, other times, you’ll need the biggest venue to accommodate your vision and guests.

If you need to impress your guests, you’re going to have to scour multiple locations to find spaces with wow factors. Fortunely, such places abound in Melbourne. As the unofficial capital of event centers in Australia, Melbourne is crawling with so treasure troves you’d literally be spoilt for choice. We’ve done the manual work for you and found some ofthe best large event venues in Melbourne – whether you’re hosting formal conferences, tradeshows or ceremonies.

CQ Functions, Melbourne CBD – holds 450 seating, 1200 standing

If you need a quick gathering in the heart of the Melbourne business district, look no further than CQ Functions’ extremely versatile conference space. The Lanal restaurant and CQ bar are just within walking distance, once the serious part of the event is over.


Melbourne Museum, Carlton – holds 1000 seating, 2000 standing

With exhibits and dinosaurs crawling from one end to another, the Melbourne Museum is the perfect center for cocktails, especially if you don’t want to have to entertain your guests. It features a post-modern design, with 8 main galleries and a unique event center that can hold more than a 1000 guests.


Sofitel Melbourne On Collins, CBD Melbourne – holds 1000 guests seated or standing

The Grand Ballroom at the Sofitel can be configured to host any number of events – both formal and informal. You can use either your team of creatives or trust the expertise of the world-class event planners at the center.


Marvel Stadium, Docklands Melbourne – holds 1400 seating, 10,000 standing

Since its opening, the Marvel stadium has welcomed millions of fans, and now, it’s open for events. The victory room alone can hold 2000 guests, so bring on the crowd.


Plaza Ballroom, CBD Melbourne – holds 550 seating, 1200 standing

Featuring Spanish Rococo architecturing and elegant towering ceilings, this lavish venue was made to hold high profile functions.

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Personal trainer

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when picking a personal trainer. Everything depends on what is your goal: whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or you would like to work on some particular area of your body. Anyway, these 3 things should guide you when you are not sure how to pick a personal trainer:


Fitness certification and overall knowledge


Personal trainers Melbourne has to have relevant fitness certification. There are many kinds of different certifications, so make sure he or she has enough knowledge in that particular field. Good personal trainer needs to have a wast knowledge on anatomy, muscles, health care, as well as exercises. He also has to be an expert in psychology, in order to motivate you and stop you from giving up.


Personality and communication skills


It is important to get on well with your personal trainer because you are going to spend a lot of time together. It doesn’t mean you should become best friends (actually, it is suggested to always stay professional), but it is very important to have good communication with him. It is crucial that he knows to motivate you and that he has good approach. If you do not go along well with your trainer, it might be an excuse to start skipping your trainings and that is what we want to avoid at all costs.




Sometimes young trainers can be awesome! But, we would suggest you pick someone who has at least one year of experience. It doesn’t mean that more experienced trainer is aways better, but he has seen many situations and it is very likely that he will have a solution for your problem.


Be careful when choosing a personal trainer, because good trainer can help you achieve all your fitness goals.





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How to become a level 2 electrician- Important steps

Becoming a level 2 electrician will allow you to work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors as a professional and for this you will need to complete the course and gain the required experience. But most importantly, you will need to find out how to become a level 2 electrician so that you will be on the right track of working as a professional. The first step is to complete the level 2 electrician course which is most appropriate for beginners who are interested in working within the industrial and commercial premises. Even if you have prior experience of working in this industry, you can complete this course that will help you acquire all the required essential qualifications that are needed for becoming a reputable and reliable level 2 electrician.


For becoming a level 2 electrician Narrabeen, you will also need to be an accredited service provider electrician or ASP level 2 electrician as it is an indication that you have been licensed and trained for providing a wide range of electrical services. These include the repairs, installation and maintenance of the underground and overhead service lines between the street electricity network and your home. You will also be able to handle the live wire connection as well as the metering equipment after completing the course of the level 2 electrician.


You will also need to get a diploma in the electrotechnical services as well as get the required amount of apprenticeship which is for 3 to 4 years for becoming fully qualified. Having English and maths as a subject in the course will be an added advantage and you will also need to work in this industry by working part time or full time in the related industry. You will also need to procure your electrical contractor license which will be given to you after completing your electrical apprenticeship so that you can start working as a professional.



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Buying Hoodies For Your Team

Winter is going to come soon. Make sure that your team is ready for it. Most of the teams have ordered their gear for winter. You will always want your team to look well dressed no matter you are a team of football, volleyball, baseball or softball. You should make up your mind to order quality custom made hoodies in Australia for the team. If you are unaware about how to make custom hoodies then you should consider the factors mentioned below. These factors will be very helpful to make a better purchase.


How To Make Custom Hoodies?


The first and foremost thing that you should do is order as soon as possible. You will surely never want your team to look different from each other. There is a saying that if you look good, you will feel good. Your team will look like a professional team and as they will feel good, they will play great for sure.

The second thing that you should consider is to determine the weather. Custom hoodies come with different GSM (gram square meter). If the venue of the match is in the city with a higher temperature then hoodies with lesser GSM will be sufficient. On the contrary, if the venue is in a colder place, then heavier one will do the job. You should keep in mind that the heavier the hoodies, the more expensive it will be. The most common type of hoodie is made up with moderate GSM. It is affordable and at the same time, it is sufficient to keep the players warm.


The third thing that should be considered is the rate of the hoodies can be greatly reduced if your order is large. You can offer it to your family, friends and colleagues. The cost can be lowered if you order a good number of hoodies.


The fourth thing that you should do is to ask the hoodies company to provide you with a different number so that it helps the player to identify each other. Make sure the size of the number is big and clear.


The last thing that should be considered is the cost of the hoodies. You should keep in mind that the dark color hoodies cost more than the light one. So, if you are trying to save some dollars then you can go for the light-colored ones.

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Free things to do in Perth

Perth is a one-of-a-kind city isolated from the rest of Western Australia., Perched in the middle of nature, the Indian Ocean, and the wild outback. Imagine the views and activities that are made available for you in this capital city of Western Australia. This unique town is ranked as the 7th most liveable city in August of 2016. Aside from its great modern structure, the city is home to numerous attractions. Thus, there is no shortage of things that you can do and see even on a budget. Here are some of the free things to do in the best serviced accommodation in Perth:


Interact with nature

  1. Look for the kangaroos and differest species of birds in Heirisson Island
  2. Feed the unique birds native to Perth — the black swans — at Lake Monger, Claremont, or Shenton Park Lakes.
  3. Dive, swim, and snorkel at the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. If you are lucky, you might spot sea lions, penguins, and dolphins.


Chill-out and enjoy the laid-back Australian vibe

  1. Picnic at Kings Park, right in the heart of the central business district. Munch on some food while enjoying a breathtaking view.
  2. Wander around the Swan River trails to enjoy the one and a half hectares of garden
  3. Discover the architectural heritage of Perth in Fremantle by bike. When you are tired, head on to the different pop-out and permanent stalls for a quick snack or to window shop.
  4. Hit the beaches of Cottesloe and Scarborough.


Learn about Australian Culture

  1. Head on to Elizabeth Quay to appreciate various sculptures and the Black Swan mural as you cross the iconic suspension bridge.
  2. Admire Perth’s artistic history at Perth Cultural Centre where you will find different museums such as the WA Museum, State Library, and Art Gallery
  3. Take a free walking tour around the city, through i-City tour, to have a deeper understanding of Perth’s history.
  4. Immerse yourself in Australia’s indigenous culture at the Aboriginal Art Gallery in Kings Park.
  5. Be mesmerized with Perth’s street art at Fremantle, Highgate, Luna Leederville, the Stormie Mills “equilibrium,” Prince lane, and Mount Lawley’s Seinfeld tribute.


Entertainment for free

  1. Score free movies and sporting events at the Northbridge Piazza. Lie down and relax as you watch them on a big screen. In the morning, get physically fit in their free yoga and Tai Chi classes.
  2. Learn didgeridoo which is the traditional musical instrument of the indigenous tribe at Fremantle.
  3. Go salsa on Fridays at the iconic Flying Scotsman pun in Mount Lawley. Plus free comedy every Sunday.
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Downpipe Connection

Your downpipes are probably not something you worry about when you clean your house and take care of the yard. However, these important parts of your home can cause far more issues than you likely ever thought about. They’re not glamorous, they’re not beautiful, but they’re necessary. Plus, having them done right can spell the difference between safety and catastrophe.


Downpipes are exactly what they sound like. These are the parts of your house that take rain water from your roof and drop it into a storm drain, or onto the ground. These are important even if your neighborhood or city doesn’t get much rainfall, so it’s a good idea to check them thoroughly (or have them checked!) yearly or so.


When checking downpipes, there are a few key things to look for. The most obvious one is that the lines are intact. This means there are no holes or leaks in them. If there is a leak, the water could potentially damage your home and cause some moisture issues for you down the line.


There should also be an appropriate amount of downpipes for the amount of gutter you have. As a general rule, every downpipe should have no more than twelve meters of gutter to handle. So whether you have fourteen meters or twenty four meters of gutter, you will need at least two downpipes.


Are your downpipes connected properly and fully secured to your house? If not, that is also an issue that needs to be addressed. Downpipes should be fastened to the building securely, using brackets or fasteners that do not rust and can stand up to heavy wind and rain.


Always seek the advice or service of a qualified professional if there are issues with your downpipes, and make sure that any repairs you do make are within your area’s building regulations. If you are unsure of the material you are using or what extra work might need to be done, it never hurts to contact a professional for assistance.

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How to power a router with a generator?

Our lives have become highly dependent on the internet. It is one of our worst nightmares to imagine life with no internet. However, there are times when the internet is not available. And the situation occurs not due to any problem with the internet service provider but due to power outage. When there is power failure, the router will fail to get power supply as a result of which there will be no internet. If you have faced this problem before, you would want to know how to power a router with a generator.

If you can power your router with your generator or not depends upon the type of router you have. If you are using a simple router that does not require a lot of power supply then you would be able to run internet services easily. Also, the type of generator you are using plays an important role in determining whether you can successfully run the router using it or not. It is pretty obvious that you would be running other home appliances along with the router. The generator that you are using must be efficient and offer ample power supply to meet all your power demands.

When you are buying a router for your home, it is important to buy one that is efficient and uses optimum power supply and check at NBN battery cost at EnerSys. If you end up buying high-end router that uses a lot of power then you would not be able to run the router when you need it. Therefore, it is important that you buy a power-efficient router.

If you are using the router and there is power outage, you should run the generator as soon as possible. If you notice that there are fluctuations in the power supply, you should consider turning off the appliances that are not necessary.

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Find out how to deal with blocked drains for peace of mind.

Keeping the bathroom and kitchen sink clean and tidy is very important for making sure that your home remains in good condition but there are instances when your drains might not work in the desired manner. Hence you will need to know how to deal with blocked drains so that it does not cause unpleasant odor or flooding around your home. Moreover blocked drains can be a nuisance for you and your family members and dealing with the problem is the most important things that you will need to do so that you will get complete peace of mind. Therefore you will need to look for the warning signs that indicate that your drains has blocked as it will take time for draining the water and hence you will need to take steps for making sure that your drains will be working fine.

Blocked drains at Windsor is considered as the most common plumbing problem that affect a large number of household and it can cause a lot of inconvenience for the people living in the home. Therefore you will need to find out how to deal with blocked drains so that even when the problem occurs at any time of the day, you will be able to handle the problem in the most effective manner. You should never leave the drains blocked for a longer period of time because it can cause severe blockages in your entire home and it can eventually damage your home. Moreover, it can also lead to costly repairs and hence you should consider the DIY methods for dealing with blocked drains so that you will get rid of the blockage and it will prevent unpleasant smell and flooding at your home. These methods will reduce the chances of getting a blocked drain and you will also need to follow drain care regularly for making sure that drain does not get clogged often. The best option of dealing with the problem is with the use of vinegar and baking soda so that the problem will be resolved at the earliest. For this you will need to remove the standing water and then pour equal amount of baking soda so that your drains will be free from blockages and it will help in clearing of the clogs.

The best way of dealing with blocked drains is by hiring an experienced and skilled plumber who will help in removing the fat and grease build up from the drains so that water can pass through easily. They also make use of advanced tools and equipments that facilitate easy and smooth flow of water without any kind of blockages and obstruction so that it will not be an issue in your kitchen or bathroom. The experienced and skilled plumber will make sure that the blockage is cleared within a short span of time so that you will not face any kind of inconvenience. You just have to call the plumber who will arrive at your property and will try his level best to resolve the issues so that you will get complete peace of mind.


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