What are safety Razers

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Are you tired of razor rashes/spots/bumps? Could you be looking for a super close shave? Or are you the type that considers shaving fashionable? If yes, then a safety razor will be your salvation.

Safety razors are specially designed shaving instruments fitted with guards that slide gently along the skin so that the amount of razor blade that is exposed to the skin surface is limited. Due to this, the safety razor offers almost zero risks of injury when shaving. There are four types of safety razor: single edge, double edge, cartridge, and a disposable razor.


How they work


A safety razor is designed with rubberized micro-fins that stretch your skin while lifting the hair so that the razor blade cuts hair slightly below the skin. The closeness achieved by this razor is the one that gives a consistent shave while protecting your skin from razor burn and ingrown hairs. Be careful not to use much pressure on the razor as it could cause bleeding or irritation. Just apply light pressure so that the blade slides gently across the skin surface.

Safety razors can be used with high-quality shaving soaps, shaving creams, or shaving brushes to minimize friction between the skin and the razor. These pre-shave essentials help the razor to glide even more gently, giving you a closer shave and maximum protection to your skin.


So how often should you change these blades?


Well, the interval at which you change blades varies from one person to another. Generally, blades could be changed after 5 to 7 shaves. However, to achieve ideal results, change the blade when you feel that it’s not cutting as desired regardless of the number of times it has been in use. Having sharp blades ensures you get a comfortable shave.



Would it not be fancy to try this razor that leaves you not feeling or looking like hair was present, yet the close shave never injured? Remember that quality is key so when buying, make sure you go for a high-quality cheap safety razor kit.