Zipmex review Australia

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Having successfully worked the Southeast Asian market, Zipmex is bringing its low fee cryptocurrency platform to the shores of Australia. Here’s Zipmex review Australia, with everything you need to know about its state of the art platform.




Originally founded by Australia’s Marcus Lim of OneFlare, Zipmex is backed by some industry heavyweights including AEC securities, a current serving Thai Minister and a previous Thai Stock Exchange chair. It’s also registered with AUSTRAC and follows all AML/KYC requirements. In terms of credibility, it really doesn’t get better.


Security and Verification Process


Till date, Zipmex has had no known cases of hacking. It takes extra precautionary measures, by using a two factor authentication process before access is granted to your Zipmex account. It’s overlapping security feature includes an email confirmation process. Once your email’s confirmed, you can begin operating crypto to crypto transactions without requiring an additional verification. It’s only when you need to trade with fiat currency that you’ll need to upload a valid ID. Verification of uploaded documents is done within the hour of submission.


Again, despite never been hacked, Zipmex has taken the extra precautionary measure of insuring for $100 million dollars against theft and hacking. This makes it one of the safest platforms in Australia today.


Currencies Allowed


Despite the fact that Zipmex Australia is based in Australia, you can trade in other fiat currencies. Your trading options include AUD, SGD, IDR and USD. For cryptocurrencies, only 4 types are allowed to trade on Zipmex, they are BTC, EOS, LTC, XRP and ETH.


Zipmex Fees


The core goal of Zipmex is to offer one of the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange australia and trading platforms in the industry. So you can expect as little as 0.2% charges on trades, free withdrawal for AUD and SGD, and the minimum charges on other currencies. You can compare their prices with the industry average, and see for yourself.